Friday, July 2, 2010

Royal Gorge Route Revamps Routine, Rigs Re-moisturizing Railcar

Happy Fourth of July Weekend, everyone!

It is a happy Fourth for the Royal Gorge Route and their riders. According to their representative, they're back in business. In fact, they said,

...the Royal Gorge Route Railroad has resumed passenger service after having made some new safety enhancements including adding a rail car with a water tank trailer which will follow the train during high season, installing new spark arrestors and enhanced team training.  There will be additional vegetation cleared throughout the high season as well. 
There is no announcement on the cause for the Parkdale fire. All told, one house, one barn destroyed, five more houses damaged by fire.

Again, have a happy and safe Fourth!

Coming soon: watch for photos from the UP 844 and it's day in Milliken!

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