Friday, July 16, 2010

Photos of UP 844 In Milliken

Kimm Wierema, who lives with a family of railfans, managed to capture some really nice photos of UP 844 on its visit to Milliken, Colorado. The last-purchased, never-retired steam locomotive of the Union Pacific was on hand on June 26th to help the City of Milliken celebrate its centennial this year.

The UP Steam crew has a new look to their web site, and it looks very sharp. It's very much in line with the professionalism of the team, who had 844 in real good form on this trip. Notably absent were any diesel "escorts" that UP typically pairs with steam. It helps that Milliken is not so far from Cheyenne, the home of UP Steam. This served as a shakedown trip for the Cheyenne Frontier Days special later this month. Get those cameras ready, folks!

And now, Highball Photo Turn #2!

Union Pacific #844 steams into Milliken on June 26, 2010, to celebrate the Colorado town's centennial.

A platform is placed beside the firemans window to allow folks to get a look at the deck of a working mainline steam engine

The numberboard above the marker light

A good view of the running gear and valve motion

The magic happens right here

Without friendly representatives like this conductor, that personal connection with UP 844 just wouldn't be there. Now, railroading's future meets its past

Anyone getting misty-eyed about how the old days were simple and uncomplicated? 844s cockpit
Marking tent stakes with water cups is a stroke of genius.
Placement of the restroom sign, not so much

Near head-on close-up

That's why they call the smoke deflectors "elephant ears"

There's steam in the cylnder. Looks like it's time to go home

A close-up of the bell with air clapper

Steam's up for the trip home

Those elephant ears are thinner than you'd expect. Just enough to direct the air behind the smokestack


Thank you, Milliken! Sign her up for the next centennial. She will likely be there

Backing down the branch

One last, long look down the tracks at a classy lady

See you next time!

Kimm Wierema and her family
A big thank you to photographer Kimm Wierema for these excellent photos of Union Pacific 844.

Here is the entire album online. Your comments--there or here--are appreciated!
UP 844 in Milliken

All photos in this specific post are copyright Kimm Wierema 2010. All rights reserved. Photos used with permission.

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