Monday, June 11, 2012

Gaggle In Golden: At Last Minute, Knott's Not Coming

Rio Grande Southern Motor 3, the third Galloping Goose, will not be in attendance at Goosefest this weekend at the Colorado Railroad Museum. The third Goose would have completed the first-ever gathering of all RGS Gooses, a full gaggle, as it were. Unfortunately, the museum was informed by Goose 3's current owner, Knott's Berry Farm out in California, that they would not be coming on June 8, only a week before they were supposed to arrive.

There was no further explanation, but Donald Tallman, Executive Director of the Colorado Railroad Museum, told Colorado Railroads,
We are disappointed about No. 3, but glad that all the other out-of-town geese will be winding their way through the mountains to be here for Goose Fest. And with that said, we’ve got goose bumps about what’s in store for next weekend.

Goose bumps indeed! History will still be made this weekend with the first public running of Goose #4, restored after sitting parked for more than half a century at Telluride, Colorado. Had Goose #3 remained in Colorado since the 50s, she might have had a much greater chance of making it to the reunion. On the other hand, she wouldn't have hauled the countless southern California tourists visiting Knott's Berry Farm. Maybe next year, the full gaggle will happen.

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