Friday, March 30, 2012

Goosefest 2012: Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose Full Reunion

Major Event

The news out of Golden couldn't be more significant. For the first time since the abandonment of the Rio Grande Southern, all seven Galloping Gooses will be on the same rails! Goose Fest is a two day event on June 16 and 17, 2012, at  the Colorado Railroad Museum. Donald Tallman, Executive Director of the Colorado Railroad Museum writes,
Having the seven Galloping Geese [sic] together and operating is an event of both National and International significance to the railfan community.  People from around the world have contacted the Museum and are planning to “flock” to this once-in-a-lifetime reunion! 

The museum is custodian of RGS Motors 2, 6, and 7, three of the original six survivors. Joining them will be Motor 5 of the Dolores Historical Society, Motor 4 of the Telluride Volunteer Fire Department, Motor 3 of Knott's Berry Farm in California and Motor 1, a replica of the original Galloping Goose built and maintained by the Ridgway Railroad Museum. It looks to be one very historic and celebrated reunion. One wonders if the museum can handle the crush of fans likely to attend the reunion of the entire gaggle. More details are promised by the museum in the coming weeks.

About the Rio Grande Southern

The Rio Grande Southern Railroad is a storied name in southwest Colorado. Its founder, Otto Mears, constructed the narrow gauge railroad through the silver-strewn San Juan mountains from Ridgway to Durango. From 1890 until 1955, its circuitous route wound westward through Dallas Divide, Rico, Vance Junction, a connection to Telluride, Ophir, Trout Lake, Lizard Head Pass, Dolores, and Mancos. Today the route is largely followed by the western half of today's San Juan Skyway scenic byway, which is a drive I would recommend to anyone with a yen for the mountains or history.

Useful Links


Colorado Railroad Museum - located in Golden, the Colorado Railroad Museum holds the largest collection of RGS artifacts and equipment in the world. Gooses 2, 6, and 7, as well as steam engine #20 (under restoration in Pennsylvania) call the CRRM home.
Ridgway Railroad Museum - located in Ridgway, the northern terminus of the RGS, RRM is the most complete physical source of RGS and Goose information outside of the Colorado Railroad Museum

Online Resources - possibly the oldest and most complete RGS site, with straightforward information
RGS thoughts and mutterings -'s companion blog
Rio Grande Southern - a virtual tour by Narrow Gauge Circle
Rio Grande - an RGS modeler's site
Rio Grande Southern Railroad - Wikipedia article
RGS Yahoo! Group (membership required)

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Editors note: I am aware that April 1st is this Sunday. This is no April Fools joke. A check of the forum threads around the web will confirm. Tempting as it may be, playing April Fools jokes can lower credibility, and when you run a blog, credibility is paramount. - SW

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  1. One of the more prominent historians of Colorado, Tom Noel, wrote in the Denver Post about the coming event.


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