Thursday, August 8, 2013

This Weekend, History of Denver's Transit Past At Fed Center

This weekend, folks near the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood have an annual opportunity to connect with other railroads and a unique part of history. Lee Ryan explains:
Saturday, August 10th is the once a year roll-out for Denver & Intermountain R.R. Co. Interurban trolley #25 and I will be on board as an operator throughout the day.

This Interurban trolley was built in Denver, CO in 1911 by the Woeber Carriage Co. Being an Interurban trolley it had a top speed of 70mph. It is the only original Denver trolley lo still in existence. It was pulled out of the Colorado Railroad Museum by the Rocky Mountain RR Club and moved to the Denver Federal Center for complete restoration. After many, many, many volunteer hours, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, this trolley has been restored to its original 1911 appearance. The trolley is just about finished with only some minor things to tinker with as time permits. It has been 20+ years of hard dedicated work to get this far. For now the trolley is operational on a 1/4 mile section of track at the Denver Federal Center and is stored inside on Federal Center property. It is interesting to note that the track it operates on today is the same track it operated on over 60 years ago.

The #25 is now owned by the City of Lakewood, CO. Operators are provided by the Denver Tramway Heritage Society which owns and operates breezer trolley replica #1977 along the South Platte River.

Saturday's event is open to the public from 10am-2pm. Rides on the #25 are free, donations are welcome. The Denver Federal Center is located at 6th Ave. & Kipling St. in Lakewood, Colorado. Enter at gate #1 off of Kipling St. through the Visitor Gate. Everyone entering the Federal Center property will have to show an I.D. to the guard. Once inside, follow the road to the stop sign and turn right. Signs will point you to the trolley event.

We hope you can join us for a trip back in time on the Denver & Intermountain Interurban trolley #25!

Sounds like fun, Lee! Best of all, it's free!◊

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