Wednesday, September 7, 2011

POTD - A Secret Hideout From UP Patch Kits

The Picture of the Day is a bit of a secret. Did you know at least one Rio Grande tunnel motor went to Brazil? Yup.

She seems to have been extensively modified. The trucks are B-B+B-B instead of C-C. and the signature low-level vents have vanished. The frame must have been lengthened for the trucks. Finally there's a non-standard door for the engine crew.

Does anyone out there have the story on this? Please comment.

Editor's note: The photo is "All rights reserved" on flickr. I won't use such photos typically,, although today is an exception. Even then, the photographers don't get as much exposure and I can't credit them. Too bad, huh?


  1. hanssmit53@yahoo.comWed Sep 07, 06:30:00 PM MDT

    I added some info under the photo that you linked to. By the way you are welcome to link to my photos on Flickr.


  2. Meter gauge?
    A different sort of Rio Grande narrow gauge!


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