Monday, September 5, 2011

17 Year Old Girl Severely Maimed In Near-Fatal Stunt

Editor's Warning
This news article describes the real-life, violent injury of a person. Reader discretion is encouraged.

A 17 year-old female who is an out-of-state CSU student had both legs severed when she tried to jump aboard a passing BNSF coal train as it rolled through Longmont this afternoon. She was one of three or four people seen attempting to jump on the train. One friend tried and failed falling away from the train. The girl jumped at the train, slipped and got her legs caught between the rails and the wheels of the car.  

She was near the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Atwood Street, where the accident happened in front of several witnesses. According to,
The girl was transported to Longmont United Hospital and then airlifted to Denver Health Medical Center. Her name and condition have not been released.
Regarding the train, continued,
According to authorities, the train was 100 cars long and traveling 18 mph at the time of the incident. The train has stopped between Longs Peak Avenue and 15th Avenue.
The BNSF employees aboard the train were not even mentioned by news media, but any event like this is likely going to have an impact on everyone involved. My guess is that the crew was likely picked up by the dog catcher and the train was left until police released it, blocking traffic.

This quote says it all: "It's one of those terrible things that young people who think they're invincible don't think about." by Sgt. David Orr, Longmont Police Department video

Additional Source: 
Denver Post - CSU student's legs severed by train in Longmont 9/5/2011

It is so sad to see that a couple of bad choices (specifically, who to hang out with and where to go), led to such a life-altering event. I lost my independent mobility gradually, but every aspect of my life has changed as a result. Every aspect. "Seeing" it happen to another person is a uniquely miserable event. She is a young student with her life just beginning. It is such a tragedy.

When I was 17, I did some dumb things. I was lucky that none of them had any lasting consequences (to my knowledge). I had no clue about my own mortality. I know that I gave myself more than enough opportunities to depart this earth. Why do some make it through and others don't? Despite the support of my faith, I find myself without an answer that satisfies.

Young man or woman, learn from this. If you want to live...
Never, ever jump on a moving train! 

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