Friday, July 22, 2011

Valuable Model Railroad Damaged In Union Station Floods

The HO-scale Platte Valley & Western model railroad and the O-scale Colorado Midland model railroad, both located in the basement of Union Station, were flooded earlier this month. While only a few inches, the flood caused damage to electrical equipment of the Platte Valley & Western as well as damage to display materials stored in a closet.

The Colorado Midland, owned by the Denver Society of Model Railroaders, escaped major damage, having only to muck out the floor of the mud carried in by the water. Have a look at the video report from Denver's channel 4, KCNC:

In the video, one DSMR member speculated the floods were caused by recent downpours filling a freshly excavated hole just outside the foundation wall. The excavation is part of the DUSPA remodel of the historic station.

The Denver Post also had some coverage of the damage.

Platte Valley & Western is soliciting time, supplies and any other help available in helping repair the damage so they can get back to operational status. E-mail the club directly right now to get started .

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