Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th and Talk About Picture of the Day

Old Glory as it was July 4, 1877
the first Independence Day after
Colorado joined the Union
First, Happy Fourth of July to everyone! Have a great holiday and a safe return home.

Next, just a quick note about the POTD and it's status around here. Most of you haven't noticed the periodic absence or graciously ignored the gaps. Really, it's not me. No, really. It's not. Here's the story.

I've been working on bringing back the #POTD, but I've held off after I found Twitter wasn't keeping them where I could search for them. Twitter's search is spectacularly anemic and if you want in-depth intelligence like how many clicked your link, you're out of luck.  Some services work, but if someone out there were to find my tweets from a few months ago

Plus, I've wanted to centralize content and only tweet like it's meant to be. Spontaneous, non-quotable random statements and conversation. Not like it hasn't been that, but POTD doesn't fit, especially when there's more to the story. There's much to railroads in Colorado that aren't shrinkable to less than 140 characters.

Here's your chance to get involved. I'm going to put up a poll for what you want CR to do with POTD. We have options:
  1. Move it to Colorado Railroads; keep it short and sweet
  2. Move it to Colorado Railroads; expand on it, making it a weekly post
  3. Move it to another blog or sub-blog; expand on it, making it a weekly post
The reason why it would have to go weekly if we want to expand it is very simply that I couldn't keep up with it otherwise. I'm not sure I can keep up with it even with a week!

Moving it to a sub-blog may not be all that helpful, but for those who want to see what else is new on the blog but get the e-mail notification, it may not be all that easy for them to see that there is something more to it.

There's nothing more American than putting it to a vote. So what do you think? Check out the poll at right and let me know your thoughts!

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