Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Colors Approaching Their Peak In Southern Colorado

It's September, and that means the fall aspen colors are making their annual appearance in the high country. Usually they are in evidence the first week after Labor Day in the north of the state to as late as the first or second week of October in the far south near New Mexico. I say usually because there is no sure fire way to predict how the aspens will change. Sometimes they peak in color quickly, in what seems like a few days. Other times, the peak is more than a week in some areas. By peak, I mean that the traces of green in the leaves are almost totally gone but all or nearly all of the leaves are still on the trees. Some years, there isn't a peak, and that's depressing!

Still, this looks like a pretty fair year, if the YouTube video uploaded only 14 hours ago by CumbresToltec is any indication.

Folks from the east will argue that Colorado's claim of fall colors is false because Colorado only has gold, one color. It only shows their lack of experience. I've seen aspens so red, it looks like they're on fire! I've seen orange as well. We make no claims to have a lock on color, especially compared to New England. But if you want real mountains with your fall colors, it's hard to top Colorado in any year.

I really appreciate Otto Perry's work in the Machines of Iron DVD called Gunnison. He took the time to take in the aspens from some real beautiful locations. Putting them on film in the 50's was sure expensive for him, but it's the best example of a Colorado autumn, as short as it is! Winter is not that far behind. Grab what you can this weekend!

Update 10/9/2010
Lucky tourists on the C&TS ride on this run-by...


  1. This wasn't my favorite year for fall color, but there were some nice spots. This meet at Tolland a couple of weekends ago turned out pretty well:


  2. Haven't seen you in a while, Chris! I plan to get that feature in the works. Your craft continues to improve! Good to see you!


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