Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What It's Like To Volunteer

I just got done reading Boho in the 'Burbs: Train Yard Volunteering. See what it's like to volunteer at the Colorado Railroad Museum for a few hours. If anything, it's worth the look inside CB&Q business car 96. It's very cool to see a family get together and give a few hours together. It got me thinking too.

As a kid, I found that volunteering is a way to give to something you believe in, especially when money is low (or non-existent). As I grew, I discovered that there are all sorts of non-material benefits to it. You get to go behind the scenes. You get free experience in something you may want to do in the future for pay. You get your hands dirty--or clean--for a change by doing things you don't always get to do. If you are regular and trustworthy, you can move into areas of responsibility that a lot of people never handle. Really, you can, but you don't have to. Moreover, you can get discounts and free stuff you don't expect. Best of all, when you sign out, you come away with a feeling that some people live for.

What about commitments? Depending on the place you volunteer, the commitment can be just a couple of hours a month or even a single event once or twice a year. Some volunteer programs go from there up to full time. It all starts with a need you can fill.

See what you can do at the...
Those are just some with volunteer information on their sites. Further, there are at least 185 locations in Colorado that have a railroad emphasis of some type, and there are at least 175 museums in Colorado if you include art, science, and others. There's bound to be one that needs you.

Do you run or work at a railroad-related organization in Colorado? What could a volunteer do for you? Drop me a line and let me know!

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