Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mudhen 463 Still Under Restoration

It's been a while since we've checked on Engine 463. In fact, we've not seen much on 463 since the Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad won the grant to begin work on restoration. Now, according to the Friends, we hear that restoration continues on D&RGW Locomotive 463, also known as Gene Autry's Mudhen. It is one of two surviving K-27 class locomotives originally 15 strong in the D&RGW roster, numbered 450 to 464.

This restoration has been an expensive proposition., estimated at $900,000. While the Friends didn't meet their "soft" deadline of early 2010 for putting 463 back on the rails under steam, the Friends haven't exactly been sitting around. They want to see her back on the 63-mile line.

Tim Tennant of the Friends writes,
... The boiler continues to be worked on at Historic Machinery Services in Springville, AL and good progress is being made. HMS Owner Bob Yuill is indicating a delivery of the boiler back to the Cumbres & Toltec during the month of June 2010. The running gear portion of the locomotive will be pushed back into the Chama Shop sometime this week to begin work on that portion of the project. The tender is located in Antonito and work on that will begin during the month of June 2010. To date, $184,538.69 has been expended on the project and those funds have come from three different sources; Save America's Treasures, Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation and Fred Springer. We will keep you updated as work continues on the 463.
Thanks, Tim! We can't wait to see her back out there!

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  1. Is the boiler back on the locomotive now? I've tried to inquire more info on 463 and the RGS 20 but havent found any information reguarding the locomotives in their current stage. Any way I can get ahold of pictures or something?


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