Thursday, January 14, 2010

Building Photo Essays For Your Railroad Pictures

Have a collection of railroad photos based on a location, interest or theme? Is using Flickr or Panoramio just not letting you show your abilities? Build a photo essay, or simply take a look at what one site can do.

Railroad photo essays are a delight to this railfan's eyes on cold wintry nights, even more so when the subject is Colorado railroading. It's why we subscribe, order, check-out and borrow so many magazines and books and DVDs. Yet, today more than ever, more and more of these resources are making their way onto the internet.

However, for the amateur rail photographer and the budding professional, setting up your own site with photo hosting, domain names, etc. can be a daunting project. One resource that could help get your feet wet is It should give any interested photographer a place to safely develop content and get reactions and helpful criticism. A terrific example of this is Chama, Durango and Silverton by Glen Brewer. Take a look at the historic photos and stories. Worth looking at for any narrow gauge railroad fan.

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  1. Steve,

    Thanks for the nice words. For those interested, there is a part II as well as several other essays on Colorado and narrow gauge.

    Glen Brewer


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