Friday, January 29, 2010

Amtrak Passenger Held In Colorado After Threats

An Amtrak passenger aboard the Southwest Chief was arrested in Colorado after making terrorist threats on his cell phone.

Amtrak passenger Ojore Nuru Lutalo, age 64, spent two nights in Otero County jail until he posted bond bond after fellow passengers heard him talking about al-Qaida, going to jail and the fact that he hadn't killed anyone yet.. Lutalo was not armed but he did have propaganda for the Afrikan Liberation Army. He was pulled from the train in La Junta, CO and arrested Tuesday, January 26th.

According to the AP,
Lutalo was released in August from a New Jersey prison after a 27-year term for aggravated assault, robbery and two counts of weapons possession. New Jersey authorities said Lutalo has also used the name Leroy Bunting. Passengers say the man said, "We have to work in small groups. They can hold you for 18 months. Do they have security on these trains? Are you with me or not?" One passenger said he heard Lutalo mention al-Qaida, saying, "17th century tactics won't work, we have 21st century tactics."
While Federal authorities have been notified, Lutalo posted $30,000 bond Thursday night and was released, according to Otero Country sheriff Chris Johnson. The bond will be held at least until Lutalo's next court date in Otero County District Court, on February 5, 2010. Exactly what Lutalo was planning, if anything, has not yet been established.

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