Sunday, May 23, 2010

Video: C&TS Photo Freight

While every summer, the tourist railroads haul thousands of visitors, this is different from their original purpose of hauling goods, passengers, supplies, ore, pipe and even oil. For the railfan born too late, there is nothing more true to that expeience than watching a photo freight, a train constructed by the railroad explicitly for the benefit of photographing it.

There is no year associated with this video, but the editing of video tape leads me to believe that it was shot in the late 80s to mid 90s. While the quality is non-HD, non-Dolby 5.1, and non-digital, the beauty of this tape is that they make it hard to tell what year it actually is. There are no big diesel trucks, no campers, no obstructions. Just a quiet photo line that takes in the drama of two Mikados full of steam working a 4% grade. This video was likely shot in May or even June, judging by the snowpack. Not bad for a freight heading to Cumbres!

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