Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cab And Trailer Utility Truck Split Decision At Ft Lupton

On April 13th, a construction worker at the Ft. Lupton Vestas plant drove his utility truck into the path of an oncoming Union Pacific container train. Jose Lucio was making a turn on an unfamiliar crossing and did not completely clear the grade crossing before the rear of his truck was caught by the lead unit. The train was traveling 50 MPH, but took only 1,000 feet beyond the crossing to come to a complete stop. John Carr of the Ft. Lupton Press covered the accident and the construction company's personnel cleaning up the resulting destruction of the truck.

John Carr, Ft Lupton Press

The driver, despite the carnage, was not visibly injured. Neither was the train's crew. It should be noted that, although i this UP line is not normally a passenger route, the Cheyenne Frontier Days special traditionally lets itself fly down this stretch of rail every summer.

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