Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Colorado Santa Trains

Editor's note: For your best option by location, please see the Map: Colorado Christmas Trains, updated every year, or for a recent and more accurate listing than the post below, see 2012 Christmas TrainsHere's the original post, published in November 28, 2006:

Colorado has a long list of Christmas traditions, both local and regional, like the lighting of the Denver Civic Center or Christmas parades at night. One tradition that has an international impact is NORADs tracking Santa as he makes his way across the world.

But when it comes to railroads, it seems the jolly old elf is a railfan too. He's making a list of trains he wants to ride to spread some Christmas cheer before the big day. Here's his Colorado itinerary:
Now you may wonder how Santa is going to ride 4 different trains across the state on December 2nd. I happen to know that Santa's administrative assistants are extremely efficient and have not double booked him. He will be at all of these locations through his special magic. However, if you happen to miss him, you can always drop by and visit him at the North Pole, which just happens to be slightly west (?) of Colorado Springs.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Denver Light Rail Southeast Corridor Opens Today

Today, Friday, November 17th, Denver's Regional Transportation District opens it's new Southeast Corridor light rail line (PDF flyer). This signifies the completion of the $1.75 Billion T-REX project. Festivities kick off today from 12 Noon to 3 p.m. at the Colorado Station. Festivities are planned to continue at stations along the line tomorrow and free rides on the entire system will be given all day tomorrow. If you're a fan of urban traction, or even a general railfan, it's a great chance to see the 19 new miles of track and explore Denver's southern and central areas. Fares kick in on Sunday, in time for the Broncos game at Mile High Stadium.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

October Blizzard Photos

Check out the shots by Kevin Morgan. The last one is a beauty.

UP Steam from Denver to Pueblo in 2007

Union Pacific is planning on sending at least one steam locomotive and it's heritage fleet down from Denver to Pueblo for the state fair. More details will likely follow in the months to come.

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