Thursday, January 30, 2014

Video - Gerald Sharp's Run 8! Roaring EMDs On Tennessee Pass

On long, windy, winter nights, videos from summers past remind me that there are warm summer days still to come in Colorado, even in the high mountain parks and peaks, canyons, valleys and playful creeks. Only a few months remain to plan our trips to the tracks, even if it's a daydream of a trip. Winter's hold still lingers, and while it does, we can watch videos both historic and recent.

Gerald Sharp recently uploaded a Gerfmon production titled Run 8! Roaring EMDs On Tennessee Pass, Colorado 1992. Although it's considerably lengthy at 34 minutes, it may turn out to be worth your while. The video follows two trains on two different days as they take on helpers at Minturn, Colorado and proceed up the 3% grade to the summit tunnel atop Tennessee Pass, between Eagle-Vail and Leadville.

If you are short on time, the highlights include: Rio Grande SD40T-2 and GP40s pulling out of Minturn, Rio Grande manifest rounding a curve eastbound ascent, and one long, continuous shot of an SP manifest with TOFC through a high mountain park. Really, though, the whole video is worth your time, especially to see the helper operations. (Oh, Lord!)

As long as you're here, I have a small but growing number of playlists the CR YouTube channel. Enjoy!◊

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

POTD - New Year, New Power ...Same Switchwork

Editor's note: Ever have too many irons in the fire and not enough rags to handle them all? It seems this way for me ever since December. Still, I'm beginning to figure that no one sees the work if I don't eventually publish something at least. So without theme or meticulous research, I present today's Photo of the Day.

A manifest BNSF local makes its way east behind new power for a change. SD40-2s #1826
(ex BN 6378) and #1675 (ex BN 8025) with 3 switchmen work the turn on the last day of 2013.
Photo: John Hill, Denver 
John Hill makes his debut today at Colorado Railroads with a straightforward BNSF local turn working the Colorado Central (C&S) branch to Golden and Coors Brewery just east of Horton, at Miller Street and Ridge Road in Arvada. John has a long history of photographing trains and I hope I can share more of his work soon!◊

Monday, January 6, 2014

Scanners 101

Uniden's BearCat 125AT
If you got a scanner for Christmas, or have one but don't know how to use it, there's a couple of resources you should know about. First stop might be the site It has a "101" guide that's easy enough to understand. You also need to know the frequencies you can access. The same site has a comprehensive listing of the frequencies used by Colorado's railroad subdivisions, including yard frequencies. Have a look!

If reading's not your thing or you like a walk-through person-to-person, there's also a number of YouTube videos I've found.

Also, if anyone has some tips or ideas for scanners and their use, don't be shy about sharing it below. A novice like me could use the input!◊