Saturday, April 10, 2010

Housekeeping: Minor Change to Feed Subscribers, Coming Plans

Colorado Railroads has been blogging since January 30, 2006. Since then, we've seen a lot of changes. We've seen the very last of Colorado's home grown railroad, the Rio Grande, vanish from the locomotive roster of the Union Pacific with the retirement of SD-40T-2 DRGW 5371 to UP's steam facilities in Cheyenne. This happened the year after UP We've covered Class 1 action, scenic lines, simple grade crossing incidents and major derailments. We've even seen the birth of a shortline's steam-powered tourist railroad.
Looking ahead, does the future contain a high speed rail network for Colorado? Is UP or BNSF going to merge with an eastern Class 1 to make a national network and force the remaining two into a similar merger to compete? Is the Tennessee Pass Route going to remain dormant? Could New Mexico and Colorado partner to extend the commuter line up I-25 to Denver? What else is coming?

Recent Changes

A New Domain
Regardless of the promised high speed rail or the future of corporations and mergers, I still plan to be here for the indefinite future because I enjoy trains, I enjoy Colorado, and I enjoy writing. Because of this, I decided to finally purchase a domain name. Imagine my surprise when I found that between the last time I considered it until now, some squatter swiped So, is well, shorter and easy enough to remember. You can also now reach me at, although the old still works just fine, along with the old address,

Ads Added
In light of Amazon's decision to terminate all associates in Colorado, including yours truly, I had to look for some means of pretending to have an income from this blog. Therefore, we now have added ads. I still haven't seen a cent., While I would love to get paid, this is a labor of love.

The site is also expanding a bit, something I've wanted to do from the very start. I have always wanted to make a static group of pages, one of which is the Events Calendar page, now visible below the masthead.As I tried to do with the posts about Colorado's tourist railroads region by region, I plan to revamp and create a page for it that people can repeatedly access for information on these roads without having to go too deep.

Coming Plans
E-mail Feed
If you receive the e-mail feed, the feed will send a daily digest of any posts once a day. If you still want an e-mail from the feed as it happens, you can utilize Feed My Inbox or Feed Mailer to send you all of your feeds via e-mail, not just CoRailroads. This change will be effective after this post publishes.

Blogger has not produced new templates since 2006 and since then, we've seen screens change from tubes to LCD displays and the size go from 14 inches 4:3 to 21 inches 16:9, Blogger's never grown their templates beyond the first ones issued. I didn't want to use a third-party, unsupported template, so we've stuck with the same old red appearance that reflected--to me, at least--the red soil for which Colorado was named. Blogger looks to be changing now at least in some small ways and we will be experimenting with the appearance and some new graphics, so it might look slightly out-of-joint from time to time in the near future.

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