Thursday, January 24, 2013

Museums: Inspiration Strikes Closer Than You Might Think

Photo courtesy Colorado Railroad Museum
The days are slowly getting longer and the mid-winter doldrums are nearing. Are you looking to get the creative juices flowing? Inspiration may be as close as your nearest museum. While some museums board up for the winter, the colder months still tend to be slower at the others, making for staff with the time and ability to direct you where your interests might dictate.

For model railroaders, the connection is obvious. Painters and photographers can develop a great deal of closeup work with the various textures and flavors. Historians can definitely find a new project or two. Volunteers could do with an application for work and then an application of their skills. Sometimes any unrelated field might benefit from time spent there. You just never know where lightning will strike.

Here's a short list (and a map) of year-round museums you can try:

Map: Year Round Railroad Museums in Colorado

View Year Round Railroad Museums in Colorado 2013 in a larger map

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Happy hunting! ◊

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