Monday, April 18, 2011

Announcing Photo of the Day

Rio Grande narrow-gauge #475 crosses the road's
namesake in Otawi NM by Otto Perry, DPL
Railroad photography is an art that I wholeheartedly support here on Colorado Railroads. Photographers like O. Winston Link and Colorado's own Otto Perry not only preserved history with their work, but also elevated such preservation to an art form. Countless more railfans aspire to have their work so regarded.

In an effort to get more photographers noticed and expand their exposure--so to speak, a new Photo of the Day (POTD) will appear on CR's Twitter and Facebook pages starting yesterday. Since it's such a short announcement every day, it's perfectly suited to those 140-character updates. If you have a submission for POTD, please send it to me via with POTD in the subject line.

Please note that POTD notices will be purposely silent on Good Friday and Easter this week.

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