Thursday, March 17, 2011

Video of Steve Lee's Presentation In Hugo

Have you ever wondered what it takes to field a modern day, main line steam program? Steve Lee, recently retired, is the most experienced at the complexities of Union Pacific's Steam Program. His commentary and photos from his 22 years as head of the program were given as part of the meeting Sunday for the Hugo Roundhouse preservation group.

Although I had some warning, I couldn't travel down to Hugo in time to see it. Thank God that Skip Weythman made it down there and took HD video of the entire presentation! The presentation takes about 25 minutes and then they move outside to take a look at the new roof of the roundhouse, complete with vent stacks for the locomotives.

It's good to see all the faces of UP and main line steam. It's a pity we all grow old so fast! The beauty of steam is that it keeps us young inside, no matter how old we get outside.

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