Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rio Grande Reading For A Sunday Afternoon

For the folks that aren't able to make it to the train show this weekend, or who, like me, went but can't get enough of trains and railroads, I've found a couple of articles for interesting reading. Mark Oehlert is a painter, writer, and artist whose interest in the Rocky Mountains is more than a passing thing. He's put two articles up on that, if a bit romantic, still paint a good picture of the Rio Grande. His Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad History and Origin and Demise of a Railroad Legend: The California Zephyr might be enough to sate you, or they may just whet your appetite for more! Good Sunday afternoon reading, regardless!


  1. The Rio Grande is truly a railroad to be remembered.

  2. Hey Steve - I just saw this blogpost from last year. Thanks so much for your kind words regarding my articles. Yes, I am a bit romantic about the D&RGW, my uncle was an engineer there until the early 70's, so the D&RGW - and it's facinating history - are in my blood. MO


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