Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ski Train Revival?

The Denver Post and the nightly news outlets in Denver all ran stories about a possible operator for a new version of the Ski Train, which had it's last season this year before Phil Anschutz sold the equipment to a Canada operator for use on their line.

Iowa Pacific Holdings, owner of the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad in Alamosa, indicated in a June letter to Union Pacific that they would be interested in succeeding Anschutz as the operator of the train that runs from Denver to Winter Park Ski Area during the winter. They plan to existing rolling stock largely idle during the winter months.

Although Iowa Pacific is trying to downplay the idea, saying it's premature to talk about resuming the train, Governor Bill Ritter is planning on hosting a meeting with the parties involved to see how this might happen. To contact the Governor's office and tell him you support reviving the Ski Train, use the form linked here.

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