Saturday, August 19, 2006

Georgetown Loop May Be In Serious Trouble

Only a few short weeks ago, it was reported that Colorado & Southern engine No. 9 was up and running on the Georgetown Loop. Now it seems that none of the engines on the Loop are running. Engines 9 and 12, as well as their diesel backup are all down.

For a tourist railroad to suffer such an outage at the height of tourist season is catastrophic. Negative press in Denver is only adding to the poor perception of the railroad and would-be riders are showing up in Georgetown only to find the line cold and silent. One grandfather who took his grandchildren up to ride from Denver said that next time he wasn't going to waste the trip just so his grandsons can play in a park. His sentiments are likely the feelings of the majority of tourists who have been surprised at this uncharacteristic shutdown. Additionally, one wonders if anyone at the State Historical Society is having second thoughts about their new operator.

Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

Update: As far as what's wrong with the locomotives, Eric reports, "One of the axles on #12 snaped. It was an original part. ...On the 44 tonner [diesel] - a traction motor blew. #9 was awaiting a boiler re-inspection earlier this week." No. 9 has the least problems, as it is only awaiting approval by the FRA to be put into service. The diesel will likely be next, as traction motors are easier to replace than 100 year-old steam locomotive axles.

Update: The C&S 9 is now hauling passengers on a daily basis.

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