Friday, September 9, 2011

Rio Grande Tunnel Motor In Brazil - An Answer To Wednesday's Question

Sorry about being off-schedule yesterday for a POTD. I've been under the weather. Your prayers and kind thoughts are appreciated.

In the meantime, Wednesday's POTD question caught the attention of no less than the photographer himself, Johannes Smit, who commented in. He actually has an entire category of US railroad engines that have crossed the equator. He answered the question with a photo and caption, mixed with a bit of Portuguese:
SD40 #4820, detalhe da inscrição “Rio Grande” reaparecendo. A #4820 era Denver & Rio Grande Western #5386. Brejo Alegre - Araguari MG
Uma foto do “original”: 
which means,
SD40 # 4820, detail of the words "Rio Grande" reappearing. The # 4820 was Denver & Rio Grande Western # 5386. Heath Alegre - MG Araguari
A photo of the "original" *
*(courtesy Google Translate)

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