Map: Colorado Christmas Train Rides

Looking for a Christmas train ride in Colorado? Does your child want a ride on the Polar Express? Click on any point marked on the map, or search for your location in the text box at the top of the map to find what's available in your area!

 Riding a train as a kid is magical! Combine it with the power of Christmas and it's little wonder these trips are so popular! Click the map above on any of the marked points for details and links to the official site for that railroad event.

In some cases, more than one event may be scheduled for that location. A separate marker will be placed for each event. For example, in 2014, the Colorado Railroad Museum is running a Santa Claus Special on certain weekends in addition to their Polar Express performances.

Perennial favorites that families enjoy include Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad's Polar Express. They've produced a video that parallels the book and movie to help folks sample the magic.

Another yearly favorite is the Royal Gorge Route's Santa Express, a standard gauge train. In Colorado, standard gauge means larger cars and typically diesel locomotives (instead of steam like the D&SNG), although there can be exceptions some years.

Whatever your choice, kids ages 3 to 12 will usually get the most out of the experience, although kids aged as old as 92 have been spotted enjoying a ride. Taking the time to go and invest in your family will create memories that will last their entire lifetime.

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