Tuesday, January 28, 2014

POTD - New Year, New Power ...Same Switchwork

Editor's note: Ever have too many irons in the fire and not enough rags to handle them all? It seems this way for me ever since December. Still, I'm beginning to figure that no one sees the work if I don't eventually publish something at least. So without theme or meticulous research, I present today's Photo of the Day.

A manifest BNSF local makes its way east behind new power for a change. SD40-2s #1826
(ex BN 6378) and #1675 (ex BN 8025) with 3 switchmen work the turn on the last day of 2013.
Photo: John Hill, Denver 
John Hill makes his debut today at Colorado Railroads with a straightforward BNSF local turn working the Colorado Central (C&S) branch to Golden and Coors Brewery just east of Horton, at Miller Street and Ridge Road in Arvada. John has a long history of photographing trains and I hope I can share more of his work soon!◊

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