Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Error -- File Not Found

The computer glitch has fell'd many heroes. God alone knows how many Gettysburg Addresses and how many Purpose Driven Lives have been wiped out in the formative stages by the message, "This file may be corrupt." or "Drive not recognized - Abort, Retry, Ignore." On the other hand, how many obtuse and awful works have been justly wiped out by the same thing?

So, somewhere in between these two poles sits my work: a review of Dale Sanders' Rio Grande - Scenic Line of the World and another review of Ralph and Clarence Danielson's Basalt: Colorado Midland Town. I had these open last night as I worked in my recliner, putting the finishing touches on them, when I fell asleep. This morning, they are gone, wiped out by computer error and possibly tendency to press keys in my sleep. While this "dog ate my homework" excuse is likely going to fall on its face, I have to admit that it's nonetheless true and the grief in hours of effort lost is now mine to share with countless other writers, both the famous and the obscure. My claim to fame today is that I can lose data with the best of them.

The good news about starting over is that a rewrite is almost guaranteed to be better than the first draft. It's going to be better. At least that's what I keep telling myself. I will keep working on these. In the meantime, I invite you to peruse the columns at right (on the non-mobile version of this site). There's news sources, Grande sites (Rio Grande sites), Rio Grande Southern sites, Model Railroad Club sites, Railroad Radio streaming and even a "hidden" link to a nifty wallpaper. Don't forget the poll, either. "How would you spend $5M on the Colorado Railroad Museum?"

Thanks for your patience!◊

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