Friday, June 7, 2013

New Reader Poll: How To Improve the Colorado Railroad Museum?

Near the top of the other column on, there's a new reader poll with a few ideas about the Colorado Railroad Museum and, in terms of mega-projects, I ask you, "What could possibly improve the place?" Some of these ideas are a little "out there" and some are practical. Cast your vote for two or three you like. Keep watching, as the poll will go for more than 6 months. 

Have I left out anything? Comment in with your ideas. If the right eyes are watching, who knows what could happen? Besides, I really want to hear about your ideas on this.

For ideas and thoughts, try looking through this roster-like photo album on◊


  1. I think the Colorado Railroad Museum has made wonderful strides in upgrading the exhibits and grounds. My wife and I are members and I have been frequenting the museum since it moved to Golden from Alamosa. The people who work the operation are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

    1. I completely agree. My folks first took me to the museum in 1978 or so after I fell in love with the Rio Grande narrow gauge in Durango. It was such an incredible place to trudge around and climb as a kid. I volunteered in the 90s between jobs and since moving away, I do everything I can to go by there when I'm in town. I especially like the roundhouse. What's the best exhibit that they've upgraded, in your opinion?


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