Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rio Grande Scenic Renders Help To Flying W Wranglers

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad is offering relief for the recently displaced Flying W Wranglers. They lost their bread-and-butter when the Flying W Ranch and their chuckwagon supper facilities burnt to the ground in the Waldo Canyon Fire. From the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad site,

Buy any coach, dome or club car ticket departing from LaVeta and heading to the concert and the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad will donate $5 to the Wranglers to help them stay on their feet while the Flying W Ranch is rebuilt after the tragic loss of the iconic venue during the fires. 
The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad has also added a couple of dates for the Flying W Wranglers to their summer concert series at Fir, an "off the grid" concert venue accessible only by rail. For tickets to the concerts on September 8th and 9th, click here.

Not to short-circuit their generosity, but if you don't plan on heading down to La Veta, Colorado, you can visit the Flying W web site to make a donation to their foundation.

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