Monday, March 12, 2012

Checking In

Back in (coal) Black
Boy oh boy. I wish I could say I was in some exotic location, blogging about so-and-so's steam special and what a blast I'm having. It's not all that glamorous to say I've been weathering my illness and playing Minecraft. Oh well. The coffee's nice and the nursing staff at my exclusive convalescence location is quite friendly and accommodating. Still, all things being equal, I'd rather be in Durango.

I hope you've been keeping up with Kevin Morgan over at Colorado Railfan. He's been posting new photos like mad. I guess getting a new camera provides a little extra motivation to get out and squeeze off a few frames.

Southwest Chief 
The situation with Amtrak's Southwest Chief is not as dire as I was first led to believe. It's still a concern, but service over the line is certainly going to continue for the next several months. More on this when I get a chance.

State Rail Plan
If anyone has had a chance to review CDOTs state rail plan, I'd love to hear from you. From what I hear, it's not really a plan but more of a prediction of the status quo. This is not what the Centennial State needs in terms of infrastructure and private partnerships to move us forward. It may be my naivete speaking, but my impression is that many metropolitan areas already have commuter service, so why not Denver and the FRUC?

POTD? What's That?
Finally, I am starting to get another round of Photo of the Day posts together. Suggestions are always welcomed. Look for the latest tomorrow or Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by! May your coffee be hot and your signals green.

- SW, Editor


  1. Steve,

    Thoughts, well wishes and prayers for your recovery!

    Chris May

  2. Enjoy your pics and your site, Steve- Get well soon


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