Friday, March 19, 2010

SCFD Free Day At the Colorado Railroad Museum Tomorrow

As part of Denver's regional Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), the Colorado Railroad Museum receives sales tax dollars collected across the district. As a thank you to the region, facilities have "free days" where admissions are not required. The museum has two free days this year. The first is tomorrow, March 20th, 2010.
The next is November 13th, nearly 8 months away. If you're on a budget that's tight, tomorrow might be a great day for you and the kids or your friends to get out and chase off the cabin fever.

For those outside the region, we've had a late winter storm--very common in Colorado--and the museum was forced to close today because of the weather. There is no word yet on its status for tomorrow, but the forecast for Golden currently says the snow should stop after midnight tonight. Unless they're inundated with snow, they should open, but it might be wise to bring your booties and dress in layers! Ah, springtime! (well, almost.)

PS: This blog has been going for over four years now, and this is my 346th post. It's a strange coincidence that 346 is the same number that graces the flagship locomotive that has carried the visitors to the Colorado Railroad museum for so many years. May she (and this blog) continue to soldier on for many more years!

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