Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rio Grande F-9, #5771 Photo Art

I don't know art, but I know what I like.

What is HDR, anyway?

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  1. HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range." Basically, any photographic medium, whether it be film or digital, fails at capturing the same range of light levels that our eyes see in a given scene. HDR is a way of trying to combat that.

    There are different ways to go about HDR imaging, but it usually involves setting a camera on a tripod and bracketing exposures to expose for shadows and highlights seperately and then digitally combining the shots later in post-processing.

    There are also several ways to interpret that data once one is post-processing the shots. Some artists tend to try to represent a scene as closely as is true to what our eyes see. Others tend to push the limits for artistic effect, as was done here.

    As with much in the digital age, doing all of this was possible in the dark room, but has been made many times easier with the advent of digital imaging techniques. Seeing the results from different photographers and how they interpret HDR scenes is always kind of fun.


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