Thursday, July 17, 2008

UP Has Change Of Heart Toward Grand County Club

In follow up to last month's post Grand County Residents Scramble To Save Buildings From UP Wrecking Ball, it now appears that Union Pacific has decided to step in and help the club. According to Ski Hi News' Tonya Bina,

The railroad has offered to pay for the removal of the building, Bumgarner relayed to commissioners Monday, rather than have the small club bear the cost of demolition. It also has offered to reimburse the railroad club for improvements it made to the building since last summer when the club acquired it through a county treasurer’s sale for $100.

This is terrific news for the small club, which recently got word that it is likely going to receive a 99-year land lease from the county near Kaibab Park. The group is planning a two-story structure with park facilities and a museum on the ground floor and a large model railroad layout on the second floor. The club is applying for a $100,000 grant from--of all sources--the Union Pacific Railroad.

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