Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Work With History at the Colorado Railroad Museum

As many tourist and scenic railroads begin to shake off the last bits of winter, the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden has plenty of work for those who want to contribute as they can to preserving the railroad history gathered there. Please look over the list below, and call or email David Williams, volunteer coordinator, to sign up for the tasks and times that work best for you. (720) 274-5147 david@crrm.org.

Note that many of the jobs can be done any day of the week, not just weekends. Let us know when you are available.

Upcoming Events

The grounds and equipment should be made really spiffy for the spring season.
  • General grounds clean-up. Raking, picking up leaves and trash, etc.
  • General museum clean up, including washing windows.
  • Clean interiors of cars and cabooses.
  • Move a pile of iron to the back of the property.

Urgent Tasks and Projects:

  • Wax and buff the Coors switcher and the Rio Grande 5771 diesel-electric. (These projects will take many hours over several days, but we need people to start right away.)
  • Move boxes of store inventory to another storeroom.
  • Dig hole and install new fence post in cement base.
Ongoing Tasks and Projects
  • Remove boxes stored in a passenger car, and clean it out.
  • Library:
    • General cataloging
    • Inventory boxes of materials to be sure they are posted on the computer files.

  • Roundhouse:
    • Skilled woodworker to rebuild a cowcatcher.
    • Roofers to re-roof Burlington 96 and Midland 111.
    • Lay down crossings between tracks at two locations.
    • Scrape down locomotive #5629 and get it ready for painting.
The roundhouse has an ongoing need for:
  • Painters
  • Letterers
  • Sheet metal workers
  • Skilled carpenters
  • Skilled wood refinishers
  • Skilled machinists
Reminder: those volunteers who are qualified for train operations should sign up for Steam-Up dates on the bulletin board in the Roundhouse. See the website for the full 2007 schedule: www.crrm.org.

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