Monday, May 8, 2006

Silver Vista II

Back in 1953, the only domed observation car built for the narrow gauge, the Silver Vista, was lost due to a fire. This after only 6 years of service. For years, there has been talk about re-creating this car as a means of keeping the historical theme of the railroad but also allowing riders to enjoy the scenery in a 180 degree panorama. Today, this car is a reality.

Begun back in March, Durango & Silverton employees contructed a reasonable facsimilie of the Silver Vista and it made it's test runs last weekend. Durango & Silverton is already promoting it. They even have a button designed for riders who reserve their tickets aboard the new car.

The new car also sports a flying "Durango & Silverton" logo on the side. The flying "S" is awkward looking, but it still looks fine.

The Silver Vista is a good strike at keeping the railroad true to it's roots while looking to provied a new seperience for riders. Reservations are made by visiting or by calling 877-TRAIN-07.

A special tip of the hat for ND Holmes of for his coverage of this story!

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